NAIT Adds Truck Warranty Service Plan Member Benefit


February 22, 2017

NAIT is excited to launch a new addition to our Business Tools benefit programs.  NAIT members may now receive access to National Truck Protection Truck Warranty and Service Plans as part of their NAIT membership. 

Why are the NAIT National Truck Protection (NTP) Truck Warranty and Service Plans a big deal? Until now, if you wanted to buy one of these, you had to do it when you purchased a truck at a dealership. They were only available at the time of truck purchase. With our program, NAIT members will be able to purchase a plan on their existing truck, regardless of when or where they purchased their vehicle. Trucks up to nine years old or 950,000 miles are eligible for the program.

Why did NAIT partner with NTP? NTP is the industry leader in the marketplace. Owner/Operators make up the largest percentage of their customer base. NTP understands our members and is prepared to offer a high level of service to them. NTP is highly rated by their customers and the repair firms chosen by their customers. 

"We know that truck maintenance and breakdowns weigh heavily on the minds of many of our members. We also know many of our members choose to drive their trucks for several years rather than incurring the cost of a newer truck. These programs, previously not available outside of a dealership, can help our members plan for the cost of mechanical breakdowns," stated David King, Vice President, Business Development.  

The Truck Warranty Service Plan Member Benefit is just one of many benefits available to NAIT members. NAIT member benefits are designed to save money and improve life on the road for our members.