These insurance summaries are designed to provide a general overview of the coverage being offered. This summary, however, is not a substitute for the policy itself.

The information below is only a brief description of the NAIT benefit programs. Members should download the “Show Benefits” app from the App Store or Google Play – then log in with their Member ID and Date of Birth for complete instructions on accessing these benefits. 

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Provides members with coverage for non-work-related accidents.

Combined single-limit plan protects you for third-party bodily injury and property damage when you use your truck as a private passenger vehicle (while not under dispatch and not working in any capacity.)

This option is typically less expensive than Workers’ Compensation for sole proprietors. Available to those who are not required to carry Workers’ Compensation coverage, as determined by your resident state’s law. Provides coverage for work-related accidents.

An affordable alternative to Workers’ Compensation for casual labor hired by the independent contractor.

Provides Accidental Medical, Accidental Dental, Accidental Death and Dismemberment and Emergency Evacuation Benefits for your scheduled passenger(s) while riding as an authorized passenger.

24-hour coverage on your equipment and personal belongings. You choose the deductible and dollar amount of insurance to place on your vehicle.

Statutory coverage for your employee drivers and casual laborers.