About NAIT

The National Association of Independent Truckers, LLC (“NAIT”) was founded in 1981 to serve the needs of Independent Owner/Operators.  Over the years, NAIT has established long-term partnerships with providers that share its dedication to the industry.  We have worked with our membership to develop association benefits to meet their needs.  Our primary focus is providing access to buying power through benefit programs delivering options to reduce the cost of running a trucking business.

Communication to Keep You Informed

We strive to make it easy for members to stay up-to-date on the latest industry and association developments.  In addition to updates on our programs and services being offered to our members, you will receive regular communications in regard to issues impacting both your life and business.  Valuable information is posted to our website and distributed to our membership via email.

Comprehensive Member Benefit Programs

NAIT Benefit Programs are designed with you in mind.  We have specialized in utilizing the buying power of our membership to package benefits geared to your unique needs.  To improve our benefit programs, we are continually reviewing new opportunities in the marketplace that would be of value to our membership.

NAIT delivers value through four categories of benefits:


Health & Wellness Benefits

Products and Services specifically designed to enhance the lives of NAIT members and their families.

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Insurance Products

Insurance products designed to meet the needs of Independent Truckers provided through TransGuard General Agency, Inc.

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Business Tools

Products and Services provided through top-tier companies offering extra savings and value not available to the general public—savings on the things you need to run your business

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Entertainment & Other Exclusive Benefits

Discounts and special offers on services such as lodging, car rental, floral services, and complimentary tickets to Truck Shows, just to name a few.

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Focused on the Future

With NAIT’s focus on improving the lives of the Independent Trucker, we have identified new levels of service and support for our members and their businesses.  As the membership continues to grow, the power of group purchasing will be leveraged in innovative ways, expanding the type and scope of benefits offered through the association.

Growth from Customer Satisfaction

Membership has expanded to include drivers across 48 states and Canada.    What sets NAIT apart from other associations are not only the range of benefits available and personalized service, but our willingness to listen and respond to member needs and concerns.  NAIT is where the independent trucker turns for answers.